What to get a person who has everything?

I know without a doubt I've just used over a million and one brain cells and visited every website under the sun looking for that perfect gift! I have spent countless hours scouring the internet for gifts for someone who has everything!

Side Note: Did you know that they still sell Chia Pets? Who knew baby Yoda could get even cuter and Bob Ross afro looks amazing even as a plant! Thanks Goggle!

Does this sound oh so familiar? What do you get someone that has everything? If you are like me I find myself every year having this exact conversation.

But no worries I'm going to give you some ideas that hopefully will help you narrow down your choices and create a gift that they will never forget! I mean aren't those the best gifts? The ones that get etched on our hearts and captivates our minds? 

I promise it won’t be the infamous fruit cake, unless that’s your thing. #nojudgmentzone #fruitcaketheotherdarkmeat….

So here's my Top 5 Things to consider or buy the person who appears to have everything! 



When was the last time you talk to your loved one? I know you are thinking what does that have to do with anything? ALOT! You would be surprised what people really need and want just by having a conversation(s). 

Tip: Listen to what they say a lot of. This may clue you in on what's really important to them right now! Also consider that sometimes the very thing they want more of is maybe YOU!




Consider buying something practical and that could save their life. Example if you have someone that travels a lot overseas, consider getting them a portable CO2 detector. I know you are probably saying to yourself “That's NO Fun”.... But losing a family member over CO2 poisoning isn’t either. I hate to be a bearer of bad news but sadly other countries around the world don’t have regulations or enforce certain precautionary measurements like installing properly working CO2 detectors.

That was heavy, I know! I said I would give things to consider… I never said that all of them would be super exciting…. But keep reading they get better!



Consider a gift that creates unique experiences!

Yes, I am going to mention a vacation because guess what this is? It's a travel blog! LOL… All jokes aside, travel is the one thing that you can create infinite possibilities and experiences combinations.

For instance, you can visit a location several times and have a different experience every time. It's a gift that you can mix their passions, obsessions and hobbies all together and create a epic adventure that would even make a charcuterie board envious!

Example: Did you know that there are actually tours in London for all your Harry Potter Lovers. Like seriously. From studio tours to actually riding a broomstick like the cast! Or maybe they enjoy hearing real histories and fictitious stories of London’s Gangster Underworld. There is all types of stuff.

You can mix their passions and loves all in one and create a tailored made, once in a life time experience! We can help you plan that!(shameless plug😆)



Create a custom coupon book.

Now this is a fun one! I actually created a booklet for my son’s birthday, but you can still do this for Christmas. It was filled with all his favorite things. Endless pancakes, stay up as late as you want, homemade chocolate cookies, skip a chore coupon, just to name a few. Can you guess what was his top choice?

Let me tell you the expression on his face that he had every time he gave me his CLEAN THE KITCHEN coupon was priceless.

Sadly my oldest son never got one of these growing up. Which he respectfully reminds me ever chance he gets! LOL!  I would say that this is a winner, considering that he doesn't even live at home anymore!


Last but not least! If all else fails get them a Chia Pet!😊

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Written By, Tamika Wren | Travel Advisor | Group Travel Specialist

Tamika has been a lover of people since she could remember. In fact one of the meanings of her name is PEOPLE! Since her 1st mission trip to Haiti in the late 90's she has falling in love with culture and history! She has a passion for discovery and always wonders "what's just around the river bend"! She especially love bringing people together and anything to do with planning. She is a natural teacher and loves to open others eyes to the possibilities in life through travel!

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